Roof Weaving


8. Semester, ETH Zürich


Gianmarco Tolone

Julian Holz


Urs Schmitt, Schmitt Natursteinwerk AG


An Fonteyne



Rehinking Muller van Severens marble Bench we analyzed what struck us most about this Object. It is the way how this massive pieces of Stone are joined to in a way that it creates an object which one wouldn’t imagine in stone.
In a next step we tried to adapt the principles of this piece of furniture to a construction of architecture. As a bench has to carry the person dwelling on it a building has to support its roof and the forces that come with it. Our approach is a variation of the roof from Abaille and forms a grid with one type of stone. From the trapezoi-dal shape, which favours the flow of forces, the stone can take different shapes. The sides can be round or angled, the roof open or closed.
In our approach steel cables hold the the stone pieces together.